Two Ways of Looking at Snowpiercer

If you watched Snowpiercer and were left with questions, you might have turned to any number of reviews available that often had the same complaint: The movie is a fantastic spectacle, but there are lots of narrative issues that keep the film from making literal sense. »7/14/15 12:55am7/14/15 12:55am

True Reflective Ep. 1

That other HBO show that divides everyone started again the other night, and is already being covered by Cheryl Eddy on the main page. If you want a recap, go there. But there wasn’t a discussion about the episode on the OD, at least not from a certain angle.* »6/23/15 11:37pm6/23/15 11:37pm

I think Wilde both understood the double-meanings of his word choices, and purposefully made their use ambiguous and silly enough in the play to obscure any direct referents. That wasn't uncommon at all in 19th and early 20th century Anglo-Irish literature, and even earlier — the double-meanings, not the coded words… »9/02/14 4:35pm9/02/14 4:35pm

I appreciate the power of the Twitter form, but the topic is a dense, problematic and layered one, and the limits of the form reduces the subject to sloganeering. It's like trying to lay out a campaign platform in a 30 second ad or a bumper sticker — the form necessarily flattens the message into a caricature of… »5/28/14 4:41pm5/28/14 4:41pm