When I heard that song, I got a little warm spot in my in the middle of my chest. At first I wondered if some other recent band was aping Morphine's mojo, but nope, they were just acknowledging a classic band (and it was an appropriate song title for the episode). » 10/21/14 5:20am Tuesday 5:20am

You saved me the trouble, and got into more detail than I would have. I'd have just stopped with the no separate clauses, and left the rest to be a mystery — sometimes English majors need to create our own demand (which is why we went into English and not Economics). » 10/21/14 2:29am Tuesday 2:29am

Is there a good rubrik for deadliness? Like ebola seems pretty deadly, but does it kill a larger or smaller percentage of people who contract small pox? And if that rubrik exists, is it weighted for relative medicinal care available at that point in history? » 10/18/14 4:39pm Saturday 4:39pm

I would definitely read, and could occasionally post something about literary history, specifically Irish lit, maybe some cinema and media, a few other things. I'd try to keep it from getting dry — like I'd focus on ghosts, and when Sam Beckett drove Andre the Giant to school, and less on the textual history of… » 10/18/14 4:16pm Saturday 4:16pm