I wonder if it was the first time Americans were exposed to psilocybin mushrooms, or if it was the first time a generation was introduced to them. Hallucinogenics weren't unknown to the native populations, and hallucinogenic mushrooms were certain known by many people's European forebears. You can imagine some cowboy… » 9/01/14 4:17pm Yesterday 4:17pm

If you haven't seen it yet, you might want to check out the podcast The X-Files Files. It's by the comedian Kumail Nanjiani, and he's going through almost every episode of each season, and each podcast he has a guest on to discuss two of the episodes. Some of the people he has on are either comedians he knows,… » 9/01/14 1:02am Yesterday 1:02am

I've splattered this reading of Dr. Strangelove in these comments pages before, so stop here if you've already read this. But one of the things I can't get over with this film — and I love it — is how Kubrick prefigures the classic final moments in the establishing shots of each of the settings. » 8/30/14 9:49am Saturday 9:49am

That's not a bad idea, actually. Maybe a couple doesn't want to go all the way, but they're okay with certain things on the way to all the way — condom still a great idea, and you have a clever agreement right there when you get ready. » 8/29/14 8:35pm Friday 8:35pm